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Metro Koring & Supply, Inc is an American - Christian family owned business that was established in 1987. Metro's longevity is sustained by our practice of always putting the customer first, and providing quality work with dependable service, at a fair price. We realize that you have a choice and without you, the customer, there would be no Metro Koring & Supply, Inc. Thank you for your business.

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We began by servicing sanitary sewer contractors with core drilling and installing Kor-n-seal boots. The steady growth of our Company has brought us new opportunities and challenges to meet. We have learned to adapt over the years, and are versatile to work in any environment, or job site required of us, such as: Water treatment plants, Industrial plants, Manufacturing plants, Restaurants, Super markets, Office buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Airports, and Military bases, etc. We not only core drill and boot up to a 66" diameter hole for sanitary sewer, but are outfitted to drill holes for handrails, bollards, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, etc.

We also began to handsaw / track saw the tops off of structures. Contractors found it was more time & cost effective than having to wait to send products back. This also led us into cutting door & window openings, elevated slabs, dock levelers, mechanical openings, etc.

Electric slab sawing & concrete removal became another large part of our service work. We also cut decel lanes, trenches for plumbers, control joints, decorative sawing, electric slab saw in grocery stores or hospitals for demo and renovation work, electricians, mechanical contractors, etc.

Metro Koring & Supply, Inc provides many other specialty services and supplies for our customers. Concrete grinding, resale / install cast iron rings and covers, adjustment rings, sell vacuum testers, diamond and abrasive saw blades, anti-hydro (hydraulic cement), mastic wrap, core drilling equipment, Kor-n-seal boots, new core bits, and sell manhole steps - installation & removal, and re-crowning diamond core bits, etc.

With your support we will continue to grow, and further the success of our Company. Thank you for considering us for your concrete cutting and demolition needs. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.


Safety is a major concern with our Company, and a large reason why we continue to be successful. Metro Koring & Supply, Inc is a drug free workplace. We hold monthly safety meetings with all employees. Every employee is background checked and drug tested, ensuring that you will only receive qualified and drug free operators on your project.

Metro's Goal/ Mission Statement

Metro's goal is to provide quality concrete cutting services at a fair price, and at the same time provide a safe and healthy work environment that everyone can be proud of. Metro is only as good as the team we are on, and we would not exist without our employees and customers. Metro strives to purchase the best equipment and surround ourselves with the most knowledgeable and experienced people we can. We believe that you get what you pay for, so if you want quality service at a fair price, you will be happy that you gave us a chance.


Metro Koring is always accepting applications and reviewing resumes. For your convenience there is a link below that will open up an employee application form. Fill out application completely, and press send. The application will automatically be sent to management, where it will be reviewed. Please feel free to follow up regularly, and see if any positions are available. Thank you for considering Metro Koring for your career.

Employee Application

Customer Feedback

We would like to express our appreciation for the fine workmanship performed by your company meeting all our concrete coring and sawcutting needs. Whether it is the coring and boot installation for sanitary sewer manhole connections or the slab sawing of existing asphalt or concrete, your company has always performed the work in a timely and efficient manner. Your crews have performed their work in a professional manner and have always been on site at the time we requested. We appreciate your ability to meet our needs even when we give a short notice. We appreciate you keeping us informed of any delays that may occasionally take place due to circumstances beyond your control. Also, the pricing for your work has always been the most competitive in the Atlanta construction market. We also appreciate the long standing relationship that has existed between your company and ours since the inception of your company many years ago. We plan for this relationship to continue for many more years.

Once again, thank you for providing a tremendous service to aid our construction efforts.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Bartlett
Project Manager
Triton Industries, Inc.

Jacklett Construction, Inc. began using Metro Koring about 4 years ago. They have performed several cutting tasks including coring, slab sawing, wall sawing, as well as some very complex demo sawing.

We used Metro Koring extensively on one of our current projects, The Alexander Memorial Coliseum at Georgia Tech, which is soon to be the Henry McCamish Pavilion. We were contracted for the selective demolition of the existing interior concrete as well as all of the exterior site work. Metro Koring performed all of the saw cutting for this portion of work and did an outstanding job. The personnel employed by Metro Koring has far exceeded the expectations of any subcontractor that we have worked with. Scott Gadd is my main point of contact at the office and I never get anything but a positive service attitude!! He has gone out of his way to service us even when given a short notice. The main field guy that we have worked with is Scott Vereb. He is one of the hardest working individuals that I have been around and he ALWAYS has a great attitude!! It might be 95 degrees and he's covered in concrete slurry but you will always get a smile and a "Yes sir, boss"!! We are very pleased to work with these guys and look forward to doing more work in the future.

Sincerely, Lucas J. Jacklett
Vice President / Project Mgr.

Metro Koring & Demolition has worked on several jobs for me in the last few years and performed a variety of tasks on these projects. They have taken care of my saw-cutting and coring needs as well as any demolition that has needed to be performed. In performing all of these roles they have always been very neat, timely, and good to work with. My job Superintendents who have the majority of interaction with them always speak well of their work.

As everyone knows, while performing selective demolition there are always going to be things that were not shown on the plans or known about before the demolition begins. One attribute of Metro Koring that has been very impressive is their ability to handle these previously unknowns in a manner that causes the least amount of delay or disruption so that the job can continue to progress and move forward.

In summary Metro Koring & Demolition is the first company that I call to meet my demolition and saw-cutting/coring needs and I would highly recommend them to others to perform this work as well.


Womack, Lewis & Smith, Inc.
Travis Clifford
Project manager

Please allow this letter to serve as commendation for the work that Metro Koring & Demolition, LLC recently performed for our company. The "Bus Canopies Replacement Project" for Fulton County Schools involved removing three separate concrete canopies at two different schools. Mr. Tony Blankenship with Metro Koring did an excellent job removing these canopies that were in close proximity to existing buildings. Mr. Blankenship took great precautions to protect the existing buildings, sidewalks, vegetation, etc. that were to remain intact. The canopies were removed and hauled away without incident.

We look forward to working with Metro Koring again in the near future. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call.


Gary P. Gardner
Construction Company, Inc.