Special Services

Re-crowning Core Bits

We have provided this service since 1987. We are capable of re-crowning any diameter core bit, and can cut off tubes to shorten length of bit. This allows the customer to get the most life out of their core bit. For core bits that are too damaged for re-crowning, we sell new core bits as well.

Confined Space

Sometimes we can not avoid going into a confined space to work, such as: customer can not dig out man hole for us to core because of utilities or pipe being in the way, installing or removing manhole steps, large concrete tanks needing holes or handsaw work done and only have access from one entrance, etc. When working in confined spaces, Metro Koring personnel are always in compliance with OSHA regulations and standards. We routinely provide a confined space permit, an extra person, a gas detector, blower, tripod and harness, and other safety equipment necessary for the particular job.

Manhole Step Installation / Removal

In manholes, when steps are installed improperly, or not installed at all, we can install new steps correctly and permanently in these confined spaces. In these situations we bring a crew of 2 men with all of our confined space equipment, and provide new steps if needed.